Eva C. Wikberg

Assistant Professor
Department of Anthropology
University of Texas at San Antonio

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Current graduate students at UTSA

Emily Glotfelty
Topic: Colobus behavioral flexibility and conservation at BFMS

Sara Lucci
Topic: Effects of early life adversity in the colobus at BFMS

Shelby Samartino
Topic: Vaginal microbiome of bonobos

Bright Yeboah
Topic: Ethnoprimatology and conservation at BFMS

Former graduate students

Johanna Hedlund
MSc in Biology at Södertörns University (2009)
Thesis title: Living with males: benefits and costs to females of resident males in Colobus vellerosus

Emily Glotfelty
MA in Anthroplogy at UTSA (2020)
Thesis title: Variation in food availability and behavior in Colobus vellerosus with increasing population size

Undergraduate students

Cynthia Rodriguez

Sofia Gonzalez

University of Texas at San Antonio